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It all starts with a plan

Custom retirement plans for your unique company

Strategic  Partner

Aligning employers with smart plan design to 

maximize business and employee 

retirement plan goals.

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As your business has grown from the kitchen table to the corporate boardroom, you have faced different challenges that required new strategies to evolve.  


We believe retirement is a moving target and your company's plan should evolve to continually meet your workplace goals.

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Which is why,

we understand that finding the right fit

is critical to your business success. 

Workplace retirement plans can help employers and employees in many ways including:

  • Reducing corporate taxes

  • Saving for retirement

  • Recruiting, retaining and rewarding employees

types of plans

We specialize in supporting



Profit Sharing

Cash Balance

Defined Benefit

Overview of Retirement Plan Services

How we help our clients

  • Identify and understand your company’s retirement plan objectives

  • Create a custom plan design that can maximize benefits and retirement outcomes

  • Prioritize your needs and offer straightforward advice

  • Provide consistent and accurate consulting

on-going support
  • Be a knowledgeable resource for technical retirement plan questions 

  • Provide simple, easy to understand answers

  • Ensure plan design continues to meet your needs as your business evolves 

  • Design and prepare Plan Document and Summary Plan Description

  • Ensure your Plan is in compliance with current regulations

  • Perform all required annual trust accounting and testing

  • Prepare Form 5500 and all required schedules

Employers of all sizes

From small business start-ups to large established businesses, we have the right experience for your consulting, administration and compliance needs.


Our mission is to help employers with intelligent plan design by aligning and maximizing employer and employee retirement plan goals.  We create uniquely designed retirement plans, encourage tax savings and do it all

in an easy and worry-free manner.

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