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defined benefit plan

A Defined Benefit Plan is an employer sponsored retirement plan that defines the benefits that participants will receive at retirement age, rather than the annual contributions that the employer will make as in a defined contribution plan. Defined Benefit plans are typically best for smaller employers where business owners are closer to normal retirement age and have the desire to maximize funding for retirement.  

Defined Benefit plan
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WHAT IS A defined benefit PLAN?


A defined benefit plan is an employer sponsored plan where the contribution levels can be significantly higher than a defined contribution plan. This plan tends to favor older employees who are highly compensated. The maximum contribution in a Defined Benefit is actuarially determined by the amount needed to fund a defined benefit at a normal retirement age.

Defined Benefit plans are best fitted for business owners and highly compensated employees who are more focused on retirement in their near future and business owners who have increased earnings and stable cash flow. Additionally, this can bring a competitive advantage for business owners who want to provide different levels of benefits to different types of employees.

The funding amount is based on a plan design analysis and company census. Defined Benefit plans are annually funded by employer. The age and income of the participants are important to calculate benefits.

how much could i save?

2022 maximum defined benefit accruals

Based on $245,000 in Compensation and Retirement at age 62

Age 30            $111,000

Age 35            $131,000

Age 40            $154,000

Age 45            $203,000

Age 50            $231,000

Age 55            $262,000

Age 60            $309,000

Age 65            $307,000

Defined Benefit Maximums

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